Meet Jack & Noel

Valley View Ranch’s newest members. These two were born April, 2018 and are already so lovable. Jack and Noel have veterinary certification and regular health screenings to keep you and them safe. Halter and lead training these two babies have made them docile and perfect for showings.

For the health and safety of Jack and Noel, we ask that viewers refrain from feeding or petting the reindeer. We offer a mobile zoo for feeding and petting purposes.

Rent Jack & Noel For Any Event

For birthday parties, grand openings, holidays, and everything in between. We are available for all major holidays.

We can also color coordinate the reindeer halters to your event.

We have liability and animal insurance, so you can rent with peace of mind.

Call For Booking


Additional Information



  • Pricing varies, but averages to approximately $350/hr. Call to discuss your options.
  • At this time, payment is only by check (made out to Valley View Ranch) or cash. 
  • A deposit of 50% is required to lock in your time. The remaining amount is required the day of showing. Your deposit acts as acknowledgement that you have read and agree to the stipulations on this website.
  • Minimum booking time is 2 hours.
  • Reduced pricing for booking 6 or more hours.
  • We are available on all holidays at an increased cost.
  • Depending on the time of the year, we may ask that you choose timeframes that allow for the handler to go to additional showings on the same day.
  • Transportation is $4/mile one way; we do not charge for mileage after the showing. Our current location is in Leadville, Colorado if you want to estimate your transportation.
  • We set up prior to your start time and tear down after your end time, so you are only charged for transportation and your booked showing time.
  • If there are obstacles at your location which may hinder the set up of the display, we may charge an additional fee.
  • We provide the reindeer, transportation, fencing, and clean up in the base fee. For an additional cost, we can provide a Santa, tent, and holiday decorations.


  • We understand that things come up, so if you cancel 30 days from your booking, we will fully refund your deposit by check.
  • If you cancel within 30 days of your booking, you will not receive your deposit.
  • If the handler needs to cancel, you have a choice to either reschedule or have your deposit returned.  
  • It is under the discretion of the handler to decide if the roads are safe enough to travel.
  • If roads are determined to be unsafe, you have a choice to either reschedule or have your deposit returned.



  • We require a nearby unloading and parking zone with room for a truck and trailer. 
  • If at a commercial space, we ask that there be a person we can call if a viewer’s behavior is threatening to the reindeer. Jack and Noel are docile, but we are not liable for damages to people or property.